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Infinity Dogs (1994 / 2021 Remaster)

by Dolph Chaney

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The politician banks on his fake smile The advertisers know how grins beguile They’re coming now, for money and for votes I smile along so I won’t rock their boats My big stupid grin Does me in again I hear the salesman knocking on my door I tell him I don’t live here anymore He says to me while winking knowingly That’s alright sir - you can still buy from me My big stupid grin Does me in again Surrounded by a game of confidence That everybody plays at my expense I meekly smile and wish it wasn’t so What do you do when you just can’t say no? My big stupid grin Does me in again And stupidly I take a fool’s advice And stupidly I pay more than the price And stupidly I am in love with you The smartest thing that I could ever do My big stupid grin Saves my skin again My big stupid grin Does me in again ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
Cocoon 03:55
Remember the times when time stood still Sunlight cascading through our windowsill How could I then envision my regret? In my eyes, a future clear - Just you & I without a tear - If only I could find a way to forget CHORUS: Darkness calling, hear me calling Can’t escape the way I feel Nighttime creeping and I won’t be sleeping Weeping for a love I thought was real I could stare at the ceiling for 100 years Hide in a world where you never appear Huddled safe in my cocoon The whistling wind blowing through the attic Is the cry of a soul when love goes static, Frozen just as it begins to bloom CHORUS Reach straight down into my marrow Find every cell pierced with an arrow You were such a perfect shot I still can’t quite believe how rotten The apple of my eye has gotten Am I the man that love forgot? CHORUS Remember the times when time stood still Sunlight cascading through our windowsill Won’t somebody help me to forget? ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
The Net 04:16
The sky is fading, the memory ages The flesh is folding, the moments crawl And we are wading through these stages And we are holding nothing at all CHORUS: Watch the water turning black Feel the tightrope going slack You were the one who threw away the net The sky is smoking, the fumes revealing The ground below me, just out of reach My thoughts provoking me through the ceiling… CHORUS ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
Camouflage trucks gathering rocks Maybe to throw at each other Maybe to throw at nobody Somewhere here on Highway 55 And it reminds me of the times Gathering rocks in summer Picking them up for nickels Somewhere south of Belleville about 5 miles CHORUS: The Texas winds keep rolling Like the sun spins out in space Like them old lawnmowers Up at Boop Wendt’s place Ol’ Wilbert’s clan, they made their stand In the mid 1800’s All the way from Munich Or somewhere like that there in Germany Boop he was called before he went bald And he collected his mowers He’s got one from 1910 Somewhere in that barn of harmony REPEAT CHORUS One day, ol’ Boop gave me the scoop On how to kill a turtle: ‘Yer not supposed to shoot it You let it hang til its neck don’t move at all Then, with yer mitts, you cut it to bits You fry ‘em up in a skillet Let ‘em simmer about an hour Boy, that’ll make you run through a brick wall” REPEAT CHORUS ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
He’s boring He’s boring a hole in you You’re snoring Ignoring his point of view You’re leaving You’re leaving his world behind He’s grieving Believing you’re just unkind CHORUS: When he wakes up, will he remember how it really was before? You met him You met him and all was right Forget him And let him alone tonight He trusted He trusted you, don’t you see? He’s busted You just said “get over me” CHORUS 2: When you wake up, will you remember how it really was before? Do you know? Do you know the harm you’ve done? You’re Juneau, But you’ve no heat in your midnight sun He’s taken He’s taken up solitaire Awaken You’re making his life nowhere CHORUS 3: When he wakes up, will he remember how it really was before? When you wake up, will you remember how it really was before? When you both wake up, will you remember how it really was before? ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
Undone 03:29
I want to be specific Instead of so unclear Our ocean’s not pacific Our galleon won’t steer You tell me to be quiet Or I’ll regret it, but You can’t always deny it So keep your own mouth shut ‘Cause I know where it’s all coming from I can tell that it’s all gonna come undone Undone You murder conversation Each time I try to talk You can’t hide your temptation To outline me in chalk You’ve stifled me for too long This time I will be brave And I will sing a new song And throw you in my grave Darling, just when you thought you had won, Your control over me has become undone Undone ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
As harmless as a viper As feeble as the grave As clean as morning’s diaper As cloudless as a cave CHORUS Stay away from me before it’s too late for you to see Stay away from me before it’s too late for you to see As tranquil as Old Bedlam As weightless as the deep As peaceful as delirium I never get to sleep CHORUS As mutable as granite As shallow as a well As sure as love, I planned it As sure as life, you fell CHORUS ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
Well it sure was nice not having you around today It made it so much easier to breathe and pass the time away I didn’t have to think about The words I couldn’t say It sure was nice not having you around today It feels so good to set myself free from you I cut that rope and fell down from the tree you drew My neck still shows some bruises, but My heart’s not black and blue It feels so good to set myself free from you No more restrictions, no more pain Wash that guilt out of my brain Take the reins and jump th efence Masochism makes no sense It sure was nice not having you around today Your shrill small voice replaced by silence keeps the pain at bay I know that you’ll return, and I won’t stand in your way But it sure was nice not having you around today It sure was nice not having you around today It sure was nice not having you around ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
Meaningless 05:38
It’s a race without a course It’s a will without a force Like the dew before the dawn Can’t we just keep hanging on and on and on? CHORUS Let me hide inside my shell Leave me to my private cell Let me shrink to nothingness I just want to be meaningless Strip me down from flesh to bone Tear away til it’s all undone Rid me of this artifice Leave me only the truth in all of this CHORUS Trembling here, my soul will wait Free of all the fear and the hate Longing only for a touch I’ve kept this all inside too much CHORUS ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
You memorize the story - book, chapter, and verse I guess you oughta know by now that it pays to rehearse You greet the television You eat the indecision And you make sure it makes it worse CHORUS Time will heal the bruises and abuses of the past You will see, you will break free and ride On the other side You try to burn the candle at both bitter ends You’d rather carry this blue cross than seek out better friends You think it’s not up to you But I can see right through you You’d thank the blade as it descends REPEAT CHORUS You toss aside your pride at the blink of a hat You’re driving yourself up a tree like a fireman’s cat You sit there on the loveseat You say you’re just a deadbeat But we both know better than that REPEAT CHORUS ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
Staring blankly through empty space like a frightened child Broken memories won’t be erased, nor the heart reconciled It’s a brutally sad attempt at reclaiming my fate Full of bitterness and contempt, I’m indignant too late CHORUS And it’s all just another try To take it back again and hope to find A kind of reason why All I ask for is peace of mind, a place to rest my head But I don’t know if I’ll ever find a balm in Gilead When I find light, I snuff it out by running up too fast So I’m haunted by this nagging doubt; I can’t outrun the past REPEAT CHORUS Re-establishing confidence seems a meaningless quest When you view life as pestilence and an eternal test I could find it here on this road, or it might be the next, But there has to be a place where my load can finally be laid to rest REPEAT CHORUS A place to rest my head / A balm in Gilead ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
Christian radio, it’s so unrealistic It leaves a taste in my mouth like an uncooked biscuit Christian radio always comes off so glossy And these processed prophets always sound so bossy And I’m sure deep down they’d never ever hurt a flea So why on earth should it bother me? Christian radio, they’ve always got a quick solution With thoughts as deep as the bumper-sticker paper they’re written on And I’m sure deep down they’d never ever hurt a flea But it’s a giant plastic holiness factory Christian radio, the music’s got no feel And it’s only fitting, because they don’t make God sound real Do you ever have doubt, do you ever have fear? Well, sorry -- there’s no place for you here: this is Christian radio! You gave ‘em 66 books to work with You’d think they could do better than that All show, no story, no pain, all glory You didn’t live a life like that Christian radio, you’d think they never left the churchyard But every day isn’t Sunday, and the other 6 make faith really hard And I’m sure deep down there’s a soul behind the soulless strumming But will the DJs notice in time for the second coming? Jesus is a whole lot cooler than Christian radio ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
VERSE 1 Across the map I turn a chapter in my heart The page, so brown, leaves me dumbfounded at the start A time of peace and grand release may never come I know, but then I need someone CHORUS 1 But it’s all too late, untie the hands of fate, my love The pavement’s broken glass under the overpass, my love VERSE 2 A futile show of faith, I know, but that’s OK I must believe that I can give and receive myself back anyway The breeze so bold it cuts with cold through flesh & bone And all I see is you & me when I’m alone REPEAT CHORUS 1 VERSE 3 The river runs, and still the sun will rise & set - A soothing thought - and I am not forsaken yet Too many times I draw the lines that hinder me But now and then I smile within our memory CHORUS 2 Is it still too late? Untie the hands of fate, my love, We could be free at last under the over…. We could be free at last, my love ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
High Wire 03:45
You smash the hand that needs you, you quench the burning wick You never do the right thing, you always do the trick CHORUS: You keep on piling branches onto the fire Your toehold’s slipping quickly up on the high wire You’re passionate and perfect, that’s what I’m always told But when you look in the mirror, you feel like you’ve been sold REPEAT CHORUS They made you into something you didn’t wanna be A goddess they could worship and blame for their misery REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE There at your vanity table Thinking that love’s just a fable You’re getting sick of your label But no one’ll ever be able to tell You leave a trail of bodies, and they’ve left their scars on you But part of you is screaming for a new debut REPEAT CHORUS ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
I first saw you, a vision all in peach I figured you were probably out of reach ‘Cause back then you were someone else’s dream I didn’t see the looseness of the seams Cut to 2 months later in the woods We talked & laughed like old friends wish they could My ears turned red to see you even then But I held back, I thought it was a sin CHORUS 1 From the start You reminded me that I still have a heart But it wasn’t really mine anymore Your letters helped me through that bitter year When you & he broke up, I shed no tears And I had ghosts to deal with of my own I thought you probably needed time alone When you said that you’d give me a chance I felt like I could buy you half of France We wandered through the shadows and the fog We played with puppies, and we swam through bogs CHORUS 2 From the start You’ve reminded me that I still have a heart But it’s not really mine anymore ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
We live in a coded world On this neutral kind of day You’re a technicolor girl And I’m feeling kind of gray We live in a stretched-out world And it never splits in two But it slowly comes unfurled When I’m curled up without you Just when we seem most apart, I find your heart Within a world of love We live in a yardstick world Of eleven hundred miles But the clock is flying, girl, Toward the days of tea and smiles We live in a cryptic world Of a zillion hidden signs Oh my technicolor girl You’re the only truth I find Just when I’m about to crack You bring me back into your world of love ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)
Raquel 01:19
I once knew a girl Who was not a southern belle Oh my darling Raquel She wore pantyhose That looked like they came from hell Oh my darling Raquel Raquel, Raquel Raquel, Raquel Raquel, Raquel Raquelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I once knew a girl And she was very swell Oh my darling Raquel ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI)


This was Dolph Chaney's first full-digital album, featuring acoustic takes on live favorites from his early-90s time in Houston. It includes "Meaningless" and "Under The Overpass," which were later arranged for full band and re-recorded for THIS IS DOLPH CHANEY (2021, Big Stir Records).


released May 7, 2021

Produced by Justin Crane and Dolph Chaney.
Recorded 10:30pm-2am on 9th May 1994 live to DAT by Justin Crane at KTRU, Houston, TX.

Cover art by Brian Frey.

Remastered 2021 by Milk Arnold.

Dolph Chaney: Vocals, acoustic guitar.
Judi Brown: Backing vocals ("How It Really Was," "Under The Overpass," and "Raquel").
Eric Mellenbruch: Cello ("Balm In Gilead").

Words & music ©1994 Dolph Chaney (BMI). All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Dolph Chaney Chicago, Illinois

Latest: THIS IS DOLPH CHANEY (bigstirrecords.bandcamp.com)

In 2016, Dolph Chaney was a JEOPARDY! contestant. Alex Trebek spent their interview by talking "Weird Al" Yankovic, after which the answers ran to John Lennon, Flight Of The Conchords, and Jesse & the Rippers. Cross all of that playfulness with a big pile of guitars, hooks, and heart, and you might just have a sense of what you're in for! ... more

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